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  • marianna.mayer
    Feb 17, 2013
      I have tried the two sided sticky tape...sorry it did not work for me.
      I do clip everyone's nails regularly, but just the front paws once a week. That helps, and it does not impede their ability to jump.
      As to defending themselves, my cats are all indoor cats. They don't fight among themselves...thank goodness! But if they play too hard, they cannot hurt each other with sharp claws. The trimming routine does not entirely prevent destruction of upholstered furniture however. So I have done several things that have pretty much ended the destruction. Here are my solution:

      There are lots of scratching posts around the house.

      I also have purchased those cardboard scratching rectangular things that fit into a cardboard holder that lays like a sliding pond on the floor. One of my cats really loves those. These can be scented with catnip to encourage and attracts play. The inserts are replaceable, and last a long time. Don't know if these are available outside of the US.

      I also drape the tops of my upholstered chairs with towels that match the color of the upholstery. This way it doesn't look too unsightly. Before company is expected, I pull them off.

      Finally I purchased clear packing tape, the kind that's about 3 " wide. I have run strips along the corners of the upholstery that is the most popular for cat scratching. This has really really worked, and the strips don't need to be replaced. In fact my cats have never returned to these once upon a time favorite locations.


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      Hey :)



      Its a clear sticky strip that sticks their paws when they try and scratch.
      The alternative is clipping everyone's claws back but that affects their
      ability to defend and jump.


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