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47173Re: [FH] New here, kitty Roscoe survives saddle thrombus

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  • Westgold
    Feb 14, 2013
      Wow, thanks so much for posting this wonderful news. We have other kitties here who have also survived clots. Each kitty is different, so we can never know what will happen.

      But I believe that Roscoe definitely has heart disease -- the clot, and the fluid in the lungs, all major signs. You were very lucky that you got this warning. Many cats with heart disease just drop dead with no warning. If your Dad loves Roscoe, he must get the echocardiogram with a real cardiologist asap. Only an echo can tell the heart's exact status. The cardiologist will be able to start Roscoe on the proper meds now, so that he can live as good a life as possible. It is his best chance for a normal life. Roscoe may be stable now, but if there's one clot, there could be another around the corner, and he might not survive the second one. Don't take any chances. The sooner he gets on the proper meds, the better.

      take care -- Michelle & Tigger Too in Toronto
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      Last Saturday my dad's cat Roscoe who is a rag doll and almost 4, was not acting himself, and screamed when he was picked up. my dad took him to the vet where he was diagnosed with saddle thrombosis, no femoral pulse, cool back pads. However he had a low HR and fever, opposite symptoms. started Aspirin (and morphine for a few days for the pain of the clot, and an antibiotic shot in case) within hours of him acting funny and by his next appt wed he was almost fully recovered, his tests came back normal, except for a small amt of fluid in his lungs. Heart looked good on X-ray, blood work fine, physical exam great! The vet thinks he may have a touch of pneumonia or bronchial issue and think the clot may have come from the lung? The vet said this is only his 2nd cat in like 20 years to have lived through this. My dad always calls him "Roscoe the Wonder cat" and he really is!!! So happy for my dad right now. Vet said he has to come back in a month and wil l call to check up in a few days. I feel so relieved, even though it will still be awhile until he is 100% :) hoping this lung issue clears up on its own now without diuretics or antibiotics. Vet recommended an echo but my dad is hesitant. He has said Roscoe still seems tired isn't playing with little kitty as much. He's eating, using the cat box, clear lungs, breathing fine, seems happy but exhausted from the whole ordeal.

      You don't think he is in chf? The vet would have said that right? His next follow up is in one month. The vet recommended an echo, but my dad is hesitant to do it because he'd have to travel to another town, expense and Roscoe is stable.....what do you think?

      Thank you!

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