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47122Moe is home

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  • justmckee
    Feb 5, 2013
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      Thanks to all who offered a bit of moral support yesterday. We brought Moe home last night and he presently catching up on his sleep. The cardiologist was able to do the ultrasound after a second attempt with very light sedation - just enough to make the normally mellow Moe a bit more cooperative.

      The cardiologist is still unsure of what happened to produce the respiratory distress as no clots were seen. There was only a slight build up of fluid in his lungs and none outside the heart. All his blood work values very pretty good - including potassium and kidney. It is possible he had a tiny clot which resolved quickly and wasn't seen on the ultrasound. He has a bit of "smoke" on the ultrasound and sadly both his right and left ventricles of the heart are thicker/bigger than last October's ultrasound. He now has atrial fibrillation which we will try to control with a slightly increased dose of atenolol compounded by a pharmacy. Hopefully, Moe will tolerate this well or we shall move to diltiazem. His heartbeat is rapid (240 to 260 beats per minute) so we are monitoring this. It is also possible Moe had an extremely rapid heartbeat episode which made him feel weak causing his slight back end collapse and open mouthed breathing.

      This has been a very sad journey for my husband and myself with this very beloved young cat. Such a helpless feeling trying to mitigate this progressive disease. My heart goes out to everyone carrying on this battle daily. I am grateful that we haven't had to wrestle with renal failure, asthma, or a variety of other issues in conjunction with the HCM but I am feeling very sad today as I normally look forward to the glorious summer but am now dreading each passing month. It is devastating thinking of the day Moe will no longer be with us. I try to push this aside and enjoy the special moments day by day. So hard to do this..... The cardiologist feels a 6 month timeline would be optimistic for Moe. I am hoping she is wrong.

      I am glad the incident occurred while we were both home and were able to rush him to the ER. The cardiologist is considering providing us with a shot of furosemide as an emergency measure to use on the way to the ER in the event this happens again. The possibility of a second incident, makes it a scary proposition for me to head out the door to complete extended errands.

      Is anyone on this forum group also battling atrial fibrillation with their cat? I am assuming that as long as he remains quiet, another open mouthed breathing event will be less likely to occur???? Any input from others would be appreciated. Best Regards to all.