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  • Westgold
    Feb 4 12:50 PM
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      Absolutely. The perfect kitty for you will recognize you from a mile away, and do everything in his power to get your attention. Keep your heart open and embrace him!!

      When I had to have a very much loved kitty pts back in 1988, I was so very sad. at 9:30 that evening my friend's daughter knocked on my door, and she had a little blue stripey kitten hanging over her arm. She said she found him in the park across the street. I took him in, and he snuggled right up to me and immediately started healing my broken heart. He turned out to be my soul-kitty Pooh -- we had almost 17 happy years together before he developed a brain tumor. I have never been that close to any other being, cat or human. If I had turned him away, I would have missed out on all that.

      If a new kitty does not suddenly appear in your life, that's ok. Go to a shelter -- one of them will grab you as you walk by.... ;) -- or even ask if they have a heart kitty, she would be so blessed to end up in your loving arms, you already know how to take care of heart kitties!

      You have SO much to give to a new kitty -- don't wait! There's someone out there just praying for someone like you to walk by --

      take care -- Michelle & Tigger Too in Toronto
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      When you are ready a new special friend will come into your life to be a
      friend to Poncho. Heart cats only choose special people:) I am sure Yoyo will
      help you to choose when the time is right. So many here lose a pet and
      then suddenly a new cat appears in the garden or just happens to need a home.
      Pet owners have so much love to give.



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