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47107Re: [FH] I had to put my kittie to sleep today

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  • Diane
    Feb 3, 2013
      So sorry to hear of your Yoyo. :(

      I would see if there is an owner of the practice and file a complaint
      with them. It's not like you'd ever be going back there again anyway.
      I had a vet in my practice draw blood (and xrays!) for my youngest
      when I feared she was having a constipation issue. She came up with a
      condition and was complete doom and gloom. When I brought her back in
      for the recheck, I saw the owner, and he looked at all the bloodwork
      and had a fit over what this woman did, there was really nothing
      wrong with my cat. Now, the owner is pretty laid back and I know this
      but she was way too far in the other direction.

      Know you did everything you could and you did it with love. That's
      all anyone can ever ask for.

      All my best
      Feline Heart List Mom
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