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47086Re: [FH] Chloe Crisis - Emergency Vet Visit

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  • Kevin O'Lone
    Jan 31, 2013
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      I don't have anything profound to say. We are all here for support. Each one of us knows how hard this is.



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      On Jan 31, 2013, at 6:30 PM, "zan200" <zan200@...> wrote:

      > Hi Everyone,
      > Please pray for Chloe - I again got that, "something is not right" feeling. Chloe was not eating, looked miserable, etc. She seemed dehydrated (she makes this odd "jaw crunching" noise - vet says this is dehydration/nausea), so I gave her IV fluids and called for an appointment with the vet. We were scheduled for Friday, but Chloe's respiration rate was (awake) 28-32 - breaths were not only faster but deeper. I immediately gave her 1 Lasix along with her other heart meds, called the vet, and bumped up the appointment to today.
      > Vet could immediately tell something was very wrong - Chloe's whole demeanor was "off" - not her fiesty self/no loud meows...very "not Chloe". X-rays showed Chloe is filling up with fluid again - her heart is much worse...We're now on 1 full Lasix 2X a day along with the enalapril and spiro...Vet took a complete blood workup - she'll have the results tomorrow then consult with the Internal Med Specialist (she does all the ultrasounds/echocardiograms, etc.) before deciding what to do medication-wise...All in all, things are not good...
      > Vet is worried about Chloe's kidneys and how to balance her need for fluids with her need to get rid of the fluid buildup she has now...
      > As Chloe seemed to be uncomfortable (I mentioned noticing this, also) the vet gave Chloe a shot of Buprenorphine for pain - now that we're home, she seems a bit "spacey", but no other reaction, thankfully...
      > I know the many kitties here are on a variety of other heart medications - I'm wondering what if any meds. can be added to help with the fluid buildup and Chloe's weakening heart? I asked about possibly increasing the "spiro" - Chloe gets 1/8 tab 2X per day - vet says this is the max dose she prescribes, but will look into upping the dose. Any advice/info would be greatly, greatly appreciated...
      > Keep Chloe in your prayers...
      > Suzanne and Chloe

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