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47067Re: How can we ever take Lumi to the vet again?

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  • Lisa
    Jan 29, 2013
      What's so frustrating is that Lumi had been acting perfectly fine -- happy, active, friendly, his same goof-ball self -- until this visit.

      Just talked to the doctor and he really is stumped because Lumi's breathing seemed to get worse during the course of the appointment. Good at the beginning (some fluid but no major concerns) -- then worse over the next 30 minutes.

      As a kitten with his visits to the eye doctor, he didn't seem to hate the carrier at all. But now, in the past few months...

      Blood clot... in the carrier.
      In the carrier... night at the hospital.
      In the carrier... day at the hospital.

      Not good associations!

      My husband thought about the similarities with people having asthma. They can be fine one minute but then stress can put them in crisis. Seems to be the same with Lumi.

      Anyway, he's on his way home: hooray!
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