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  • Laurie Stead
    Jan 24, 2013
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      No one can tell you how long Patches has.  My Boo went into heart failure Nov 2011 and after days in ICU in oxygen, she came home.  I was told "months, at best"... well she is lying next to me snoring away and you would never know she is sick (yes over a year later!) 

      She was diagnosed with DCM and was put on the following meds:  lasix, plavix, benazepril and vetmedin.  She also receives miralax daily to help with constipation. 

      The meds can save Patches' life and certainly make him feel better.  Boo enjoys "pill time" and she actually runs to the kitchen begging for her "pill treats".  Believe me, I was a wreck at first... but in time, it just becomes part of your daily routine.  You can get a plastic pill organizer to help you organize and make sure nothing is missed.  This saved me. 

      You will have to assess Patches' stress level going to the vet for check-ups.  Personally Boo stresses way too much so we have made the decision to not do any more check-ups unless of course she shows clinical signs of distress.  Every cat is different and you know best what Patches can tolerate.  Since Boo has been stable, the cardiologist agreed the visits presented too much stress. 

      Heart disease is not an immediate death sentence.  Stay positive and remember Patches will pick up on your stress, so enjoy him and give him the best chance to beat the disease by giving him the meds prescribed.


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      Thank you, Diane!

      Seems the prognosis for my cat Patches is he's not expected to survive the year, and I'm trying to grasp all of this.

      I'm also wondering about having Patches go through the stressful car rides and time at the vets for updated tests, the stress of taking daily prescription drugs, and how that intended benefit impacts the health and longevity of his heart? When I think of this compared to not doing anything at all, I just don't know what would be the 'best' choice and as much as I'm sure that is a personal one for us all, I'd love to hear anyone's perspectives.

      Thank you so much,


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      > At 10:55 PM +0000 1/23/13, Wendy wrote:

      > >

      > >

      > >Hi, I'm new and my cat has just been diagnosed with restrictive

      > >cardiomyopathy. I'm devastated, and trying to get my mind around a

      > >probable lifespan that he has left to enjoy. Has anyone experienced

      > >their feline friend living for more than a few months or a year who

      > >have been diagnosed with RCM? My cat is 6 years old, and otherwise

      > >in really great health.

      > >

      > >Thank you very much for your insights, I'm feeling so scared and

      > >terrible about this unexpected news, I really appreciate it.


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