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47024Re: [FH] RCM longevity

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  • Diane
    Jan 24, 2013
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      We didn't have to go that often. We may have done 6 mos ultrasounds
      for awhile and then went to one year. I'd have to leave her for the
      day as my vet used someone that travelled and they never knew when
      he'd be there. But I've definitely had cats I'd worry about so I know
      where you're coming from. My current cat is taking meds for suspected
      Feline Herpes and she's not the best with them, but as long as you
      are calm and quick you can minimize the stress.


      At 12:52 PM +0000 1/24/13, Wendy wrote:
      >Thank you, Diane!
      >Seems the prognosis for my cat Patches is he's not expected to
      >survive the year, and I'm trying to grasp all of this.
      >I'm also wondering about having Patches go through the stressful car
      >rides and time at the vets for updated tests, the stress of taking
      >daily prescription drugs, and how that intended benefit impacts the
      >health and longevity of his heart? When I think of this compared to
      >not doing anything at all, I just don't know what would be the
      >'best' choice and as much as I'm sure that is a personal one for us
      >all, I'd love to hear anyone's perspectives.
      >Thank you so much,
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