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47008Re: [FH] Polar Bear had mini stroke 1/19

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  • Carol
    Jan 21, 2013
      When Misty had her little stroke episodes, they gave us Plavix to give her, while on it, she had 3 more in two weeks, so we switched her to nattokinase. She's been on the nattokinase since August 2010 when she had the original "strokes" (we're not really sure what they were). She was fine till last April when she had a series of three more of these episodes (couldn't walk, had nystagmus - eyes darting back and forth, it took hours to a whole day for her to get her legs to work again), and since then she's been (knock on wood) okay. She had some kind of hemorage in her right eye on 10/31, not sure what it was related to, but she recovered from that.

      So all in all, the natto has kept her doing okay... not entirely free from whatever these episodes are, but we have more confidence in the natto than we did the plavix. This has just been our experience with it. We give Misty one 36mg softgel twice a day, with her food.


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