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46987Re: Martha's Pilling Stress

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  • zan200
    Jan 20, 2013
      Hi Lynda,

      I'm so sorry you're having such a terrible time pilling Martha. I'm sure all that stress isn't good for her – not to mention all the stress for you and your husband! I was hopeless at pilling Chloe until a vet tech taught me how to use a regular-style pill gun. (Amazon "Pet Piller" - $1.42 – I purchased mine from my vet - $12.00 – YIKES!)

      I have some little technique hints that work for Chloe, but Chloe is not the feisty, active kitty she used to be. Using a pill gun, I can pill Chloe by myself in about 3 seconds – I'm successful on the first try about 95% of time.

      Wrap Martha in towel and place her in a chair facing the "pill-giver" (use a chair with arms to prevent escape - or have someone hold her - one person holds Martha/the other "pills").

      The "pill-er" needs to be at Martha's eye level to then gently pry open the jaws with one hand, and "shoot" the pill gun with the other hand. Speed is key: Wrap Martha/Face Martha - Open Jaws/Shoot the pill.

      Be sure to coat the pill or capsule liberally with some margarine/butter beforehand to help it slide down...I do follow up with a little syringe of water and then a lick of Laxatone (Chloe's favorite treat) as a "reward"... If Martha is more stressed out by the water, leave it go - the margarine should make the pill slide down on its own.

      It's taken me years to get to the point where pilling Chloe isn't an issue... I still remember when Chloe, then a kitten, needed antibiotics 2X a day. I'd actually drive Chloe to the vet's and back every day before and after work so the vet tech could pill her for me...

      I know time is of the essence, but maybe you could try desensitizing Martha to the whole "pill experience" by wrapping her, petting her, giving her a treat, then letting her go…then move on to wrapping, petting, opening her mouth, giving her a treat, then letting her go…and so on…

      Good luck with Martha – I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for success…
      Suzanne and Chloe
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