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46972Martha's Pilling Stress

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  • Lynda Doty
    Jan 19, 2013
      Martha has HCM, Pancreatitis, IBD, and is a diabetic in remission. So you can see that she has many meds she must take every day. She used to take her meds crushed up in her food with no problem whatsoever, but, for some reason, that has changed, and now she absolutely refuses to eat any food with any kind of medication in it. The dish of food can sit there for hours, she will return and sniff, then walk away. As soon as I put down a bowl with "unmedicated food," she digs in and pigs out. Her appetite is wonderful as long as there is no medicine in her food. I am concerned that she will grow to hate food if I keep trying to get her medicine in her this way.

      I have never, in all her life, been able to pill Martha. She refuses her liquid medicine, flavored or unflavored. She has taken transdermals in the past but they did not seem to help. I have tried everything I can think of. The closest thing I've had to success is with a new Buster piller. But even with this, it's taking about 30 minutes to get her to swallow the gel cap or single pill. My husband and I hold her down, wrap her in a towel, rub her throat, blow on her nose, chase it with water, only to have her spit it out, or see it dribbling down her chin. She growls, hisses, fuzzes up, screams---this has to be a LOT of stress on my little cat.

      My question: How much stress is too much on a heart kitty? Thanks for listening.

      Blessings,Lynda, Martha, Morelli and Angel C.B.

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