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  • Lisa
    Jan 18, 2013
      Hi Laurie,

      I have quite a few notes from the cardiologist about the condition of Lumi's heart.

      In November, after he threw a blood clot, he was said to have evidence of severe hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. I'm not sure what the important points are from the ultrasound, but basically the left side of his heart is out of whack (severely enlarged atrium, ventricular chamber mildly enlarged, other stuff) but the right side is "unremarkable."

      I can type out all findings if you're interested.

      Lumi was said to be at risk for more clots and for congestive heart failure (fluid in the lungs). The fluid happened sooner than we anticipated.

      He's on Plavix (continuing) and Lasix (new). We'll add Benazepril in a week or so, after we're sure there are no effects from these two.

      We're still playing with the method of giving medications. He will eat them crushed in his food (the Plavix is a compounded treat to mask bitterness) -- but I'm leaning towards gel caps because I don't want to create an eating disorder. He does sometimes sense there's something strange in his food.

      Wonder if we used a small amount of baby food or smellier stuff (like Fancy Feast) with his meds, first, and then switched to his usual canned... if that would be preferable?
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