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46936Re: Lumi's Episode

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  • Lisa
    Jan 17, 2013
      Carol, I'm curious about Misty's episodes when she'd fall over and breath through her mouth. Did you rush to ER every time? Or did you learn it was something that would pass? Even after the worst of Lumi's incident was over, he still had labored breathing -- which was why I decided to take him back to the hospital. But, nearly $2K later, I wonder what to do if it happens again.

      In retrospect, I think Lumi had fluid in his lungs for awhile but we didn't realize it. I didn't start monitoring his breathing right away because I thought it was a long-term thing... and he'd had two vet appointments where they'd monitored his breaths with no concerns. Yesterday, after coming home from the hospital, I counted 27/minute.

      Yes, Laurie, we've had an ultrasound, ECG, blood panel, urinalysis + culture, and x-rays with a specialist. (Am I forgetting anything? LOL.) The doctor predicted Lumi would have one year of "quality life" ahead of him but, thanks to this group, I know better than to believe them. We're going to beat that! Lumi is strong!
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