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46869Re: [FH] Martha's vet visit today

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  • Maria Lebruto
    Jan 8, 2013
      Dear Lynda, 
      I am new here and wanted to say how sorry I am to hear of your girl Martha's troubles. I hope things turn around for her in short order.
      Sending best wishes and healing prayers!
      Maria Tedi and Timmy

      --- On Mon, 1/7/13, Lynda Doty <ibdcat@...> wrote:

      From: Lynda Doty <ibdcat@...>
      Subject: [FH] Martha's vet visit today
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      Date: Monday, January 7, 2013, 10:23 PM


      Martha has not been doing well. Just as we get her off insulin, other issues crop up. She has been vomiting and also depositing very soft poops all over the house. The little piles have been huge, and vet says this is
      due to malabsorption. Martha has lost almost 2 pounds in 2 months, and this is in
      the face of a ravishing appetite.


      The vet tech who loves Martha so much and kept her when I
      went out of state, was crying. The prognosis does not look good for Martha. I
      so pray we are not beginning the last leg of her journey, because I just can’t
      lose Martha! She has always been such a fighter, and has overcome so much.But she looks so bad, and you can tell she feels bad.


      Procedures done today included:

      Ultrasound/Ultrasound- Guided aspirates


      Free T4

      CBC and Chemistry


      We did not do a PLI today, the last one was a 50. We will do
      that next month when the cardiologist does her echo.


      We do not have the results of the blood work yet but so far
      vet suspects that her symptoms are associated with recurrence of IBD or possible
      transition to small cell lymphoma, causing the malabsorption. He tells me we
      have relatively limited treatment options and while we may ultimately have to
      go back to her steroids (even though it is not good because of her diabetes and
      heart disease)---we are going to start with a medication called chlorambucil
      (Leukeran). This is a chemotherapy drug that is commonly used in cats with
      lymphoma or refractory IBD, and should be safe with diabetes. We will monitor
      her bloodwork more frequently while she is on this medication.


      Also—they noted a number of pancreatic cysts. These are
      often benign but they did perform aspirates and did not see any indication of
      infection or cancer. They also identified a small mass effect in the chest
      which also looks cystic. Based on the location, right up against her heart,
      they could not aspirate it without sedation . We will monitor these over time
      with x-rays and ultrasound.


      Martha had a bad nose bleed while there today. She has never
      had this before. He checked her nose and noted nothing abnormal. Does anyone
      know anything about feline nose bleeds?
      That's about all I can say right now.

      Blessings,Lynda Doty, Ph.D.Martha, Morelli and Angel C.B.

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