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  • Jordan
    Jan 6, 2013
      Hi Maria,

      Yes, my Sheba recently needed emergency eye surgery. At the time of my last visit with the cardiologist, Sheba was battling corneal ulcers (6 months prior) and therefore, he provided me written instructions for an anesthesia protocol if they event she needed surgery.


      Sheba was just released from the eye specialist and she confirmed she DID follow the cardiologists instructions as written. Sheba suffered NO issues with heart rate or blood presssure while under anesthesia

      Historically, Sheba has had difficulty recovering from dentals or previous anesthesia required procedures. So, I firmly believe that the protocol he wrote for her helped her TREMEDMOUSLY during and post surgically.

      She is gaining weight back (lost weight from the dreaded cone) and her eyes are healing nicely and clearing more and more. Soon I hope to see her beautiful blue himalayan eyes again soon.

      BTW, her next cardiologist appt is in a week, and I will be pleased to tell him of her surgical success. Thus far her HCM continues to be asymptomatic. Let's hope this cardio visit also shows no heart meds needed yet.

      Please let us know how your kitty does.


      Jordan and Sheba

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