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46847Re: Hairball Remedy and Nutrient Blockage

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  • Sarah Wadey
    Jan 4, 2013
      Hi Mary Beth,

      Just realised I didn't reply to the group with my message that may have caused you some concern about using hairball remedy:

      >clever! I like it!
      >just remember that hairball remedy blocks the absorption of nutrients, so be sure to wipe off as much as possible once you've lubed your tube!!

      The only reason I said this was that a few years ago I used Katalax to help Ras with his constipation, before moving to pumpkin. At the time I had read up a little that if used too regularly it would stop nutrients being absorbed. Vet at the time said it would be fine a few times a week, but not daily. It coats the gut which is why it stops some nutrient absorption. However we were talking about 3/4 of an inch of it, not a smear. I would think you'd be absolutely fine with using hairball remedy so long as you don't leave big lumps in the syringe, which you clearly don't intend. I don't think it would bind that well with the food anyway, it would probably stay stuck to the plastic.
      (I also had concerns about high Vitamin A content of katalax as my boy also has crf)

      I'm guessing that animal based oils would be more preferable than vegetable, but where petroleum bases sit I have no idea.

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