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46841Lahri Methimazole Dosage

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  • mary beth fitzpatrick
    Jan 4, 2013
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      Lahri was diagnosed in 08 with mild to moderate HCM and Hyperthyroidism in '09. His cardiologist's notes of 3/09 show she raised the dosage to 1.25 mg a.m. and 2.5 mg p.m. because his T4 had gone to 3.5. She saw him again in 2010 and saw no issues..

      Have had discussions recently with 3 of Lahri's vets following bloodwork and a T4 of 2.8. They have all said the 2.8 "is in the gray zone" and they're uncomfortable raising the Methimazole From that, it looks like the 2.8 is not so bad. However, here are the last three T4's: 7/11: 1.2, 1/12: 1.4 and 12/12: 2.8. To me, that looks like a REMARKABLE CLIMB and I'm wondering why the vets are not giving this more attention. (OK, I'm ALWAY wondering why they don't give things more attention - may need a therapist !)

      Am going to call over to the vet practice this a.m. and pose the question again. Somewhat HOPEFUL of a real response as an experienced temporary vet saw Lah and me the other day, a man who listened well and demonstrated serious consideration of issues I brought up. He's gone tomorrow, so hoping this's be something of a Hail-Mary pass.

      Am going to post this on the thyroid site, too.

      Thanks for anything you feel might help.

      mb and Lahri

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