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  • Westgold
    Dec 30, 2012
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      well he is a specialist, and internal medicine is a good specialty to have --- he certainly knows more about the inner workings of a cat than any regular vet. But he is not a cardiologist, with the extra special training they get. Ask on the vettalk list and see if you can find a cardiologist who will read the echos for you long-distance. Or you can google to see if there's a site for feline cardiologists, and perhaps find someone there. I never heard of toxic cardiomyopathy, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. If the thyroid meds are doing something to Lahri's heart, somebody must know about this possibility, and what might be done about it. Do you belong the to thyroid yahoogroup? You can ask there. Unfortunately not many people online the next couple days ---
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      From: mary beth fitzpatrick
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      Just found through Google that the specialist who prepared the echo report is a Diplomate in Small Animal Internal Medicine. Wondering HARD if these credentials ensure expertise in reading echocardiograms.

      HOPE SO. It'll be a bitter pill to swallow if I've gotten caught in a scam.

      Thanks, Everybody.

      mb and Lahri

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