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46804Re: [CRF] Lahri Head Twitch???

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  • Julia Jennings
    Dec 29, 2012
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      Hi Sara,
      Thanks for your response.  Dante's head twitching seems to have increased somewhat as he ages but he doesn't do it all the time.  I don't think he's in pain I just look at him while it's happening and it's kind of weird.  He will be 13 in April.  He has CRF/asthma, the HCM possibility was ruled out by a specialist who did an echo on him.  I have never heard of the head twitching being specific to bengals.  I have mentioned it to my vet before and they just say oh really and I don't get a great explanation.  Your neuro guy's explanation sounds like the best one I've heard.  Dante' isn't really on alot of meds, just liquid terbutaline 2x day (can't get any Flovent into him, he won't let me) and he is on an allergy hyposensitization program (which I don't feel is really working).  So, that's it.  Thanks for the information though this head twitching has always puzzled me.
      Julia and Dante'

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