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46636Re: [FH] Help!-Newbie with HCM, CRF and diabetic cat-won't eat

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  • Mosaic.artist@yahoo.com
    Dec 12, 2012
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      Sorry for this. Our oets are so precious and with multiple issues, it is cplicated.

      My 19 yr cat has CKD and HCM. I have been giving him about 1/2 cup of water with his food per day as sub-q could be taxing on the heart. This has kept him going for 2 years after his kidney diagnosis.

      A cat had to eat every day about half of his calorie needs. A cat can get very ill if it doesn't eat. You may need to assist feed him. There is a good yahoo group for cats that can help. Try warming his food, giving it on your finger or spoon. These helped my cat.

      Do keep track of his rate of respiration when he is sleeping or resting. This will give you an idea if his heart is worsening. Every cat is different, but my cat's is between 16-20. When he had congestive heart failure, his rate was 40+.

      I would try stringing water into his mouth for additional fluids before sub-q. IF you try fluids, use the most conservative recommendation for fluids. Then check his respiration after to see if it increases.



      On Dec 12, 2012, at 9:31 AM, "Dee" <dtnase@...> wrote:

      > Hi All,
      > I have been reading, but this is first time post and am in hurry
      > so can call vet. My love of my life, KRamer is about 9yrs old/male
      > tuxedo with HCM and hx of CHF brought on by subq fluids w/ unknown heart disease. HIs kidney's haven't been that great since Jan this year and last week labs showed bun 86/creat 5.7/phosp 6.3. I brought him in due to inappetance. They want to hold on giving subq's due to heart. We cut out his 3.25mg lasix at night to see if that would help his kidney's.
      > My problem is as of today he is pretty much refusing any and all food.And he's on insulin!!! I tried pepcid last wk-didn't really do anything.
      > They are leary of giving app. stimulant with heart. Can anyone advise
      > a safe anti-nauseau med and/or app. sitmulant safe for heart?
      > HE is really the only thing i have in my life as i am at home on disability with failed neck surgeries. He still wanted to walk outside today-although slower. STill wants some treats but not as excited.
      > The one cardiologist said no to fluids and the one that did echo on friday said it would be tricky with his heart but gave me rx for nitroglycering ointment, 1/8" to be given prior to subq fluids. Thoughts on that? Right now i need help with getting him to eat. STAT..
      > Help...please...my heart is shattered.
      > Thank you,
      > Donna & Kramer

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