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46555Chloe Update - Another Crisis Episode

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  • zan200
    Dec 5, 2012
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      Hi All...

      It's been a rough couple of days... Chloe again did not "look right" to me over the weekend - despite having a low respiration rates all through Monday night.

      Tuesday her rr shot up to 40 multiple times along with deeper more rapid breaths, etc. I gave her 1 whole Lasix and called the vet - vet said I did the right thing, and I scheduled an appointment for today.

      Vet took another X-ray and found Chloe filling up with fluid again. Vet was very, very concerned as the increased Lasix dose is still not successfully removing the fluid buildup. I now have Chloe on 1 Lasix 2X a day for one week, then back next week for another X-ray.

      No potassium as Chloe's sensitive stomach is a concern - she did not want to eat after I tried her on the postassium supplement over the weekend. The vet will check this out next week also.

      I keep telling the vet I think I'm crazy because I seem to be able to sense when Chloe is having problems before the symptoms actually appear. She said not to doubt myself as I've been proven right ever since this whole HCM problem began. I'm so "in tune" with Chloe I really do pick up on the most minor changes...

      The vet is checking with the Internist who did Chloe's ultrasound to see if there are any other meds besides or in addition to the Lasix to reduce fluid - I'm concerned as to what our next step is if the increased Lasix dosage still doesn't help.

      Does anyone have a similar problem with the Lasix not really working?

      Suzanne and Chloe
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