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  • Carol
    Nov 27, 2012
      I wouldn't use a transdermal version for something as important as amlodipine. Our experience with the transdermals, is that they are not absorbed very well and don't work as well. We used them with our angel Snowball with her Tapazole and one of her heart meds, and they didn't work well. If you use transdermals, you must make sure the skin is completely cleaned prior to each application and that the cream is massaged in for at least 60 seconds. Even though we did those things, Snowball's thyroid was never controlled with the transdermal cream and it's very doubtful if she even absorbed her heart med.

      Our Misty, who is now 21 1/2 years old, was horrible to pill in the beginning, but over time she has become completely compliant with pilling. We put the pills in a little "meatball" of cold canned food, and pill her with that... stick the pill/meatball to my finger and push it back on the side of her mouth as far as I can get it, and she just eats it... mostly swallows it, seldom chews to find the pill hidden inside.

      I'd keep trying to pill Fozzy. If it absolutely doesn't work, then I would use the compounded liquid and just put it in a very small amount of either canned food or baby food meat (we use Beechnut Stage 1), so you can be sure he eats it all.

      best of luck... I know how hard it is to get pills into them when they don't like it!

      Carol, Misty and the gang

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      My 16 1/2 year old kitty Fozzy was just diagnosed with high blood pressure. She had radioactive iodine treatment for hyperthyroidism in July, and when we went for a check up last week, her BP was 180 (usually is around 160 at the vet's as she is very timid). He wanted to recheck after the holiday, and when we went in Saturday, it was up to 200. He wants me to start her on .625 mg of amlodipine 1x day, but she is very difficult to pill. They did give me some chicken flavor compounded pills to try, and she doesn't seem to mind them mixed with a tiny bit of food, but she will not eat the full amount and she will not eat them like treats (she doesn't actually like any cat treats). I'm wondering if anyone here has used the transdermal version, and if so, have you had any luck with it? I have read mixed reviews of whether or not enough is absorbed to really reduce BP. Thanks in advance.

      Shannon & Fozzy

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