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46475Re: [FH] Oreo/ update/ thinking mouth is hurting ??

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  • June Jeffrey
    Nov 25, 2012
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      Hi Susan,
      My Daisy was 18 when she had seven teeth removed in April 2011.   Six were double rooted.  She didn't have any canines removed though, they were just scaled and cleaned.
      Daisy had pain relief and antibiotic injections for seven days by which time her gums had started to heal well.  My vet did tell me to keep an eye on her mouth on an ongoing basis for at least a month and if I had any concerns to take her in for a check up.  However, it took at least three months before she was back to herself (i.e. sleeping on her blanket on the bed instead of camping out on the stairs and landing or finding herself quiet spots which she had never used for sleeping before) and probably six to eight weeks before she was eating normally again. My previous experience of any of my kitties having dentals was just scaling and polishing and one extraction and on those occasions they were eating again with gusto as soon as they got back home.  They were also much younger than Daisy, so her long recuperation period was a worry.
      For the first two/three weeks the only thing she would/could eat was the jelly in Felix senior pouches which I had to separate from the chunks before I gave it to her.  It seemed the jelly was easier for her to lick up with her tongue and then swallow.  I was advised to give her pate type foods but she just didn't want to eat these, gave them a couple of licks, then just walked away.  She then gradually progressed to soft chunks -
      e.g. Royal Canin Oral Mature ( http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/cats/canned_cat_food_pouches/royal_canin_cat_food/royal_canin_mature/133241#composition%c2%a0), Sheba Delicious Morsels with Chicken and Turkey, Hills Science Plan Tender Chunks in Gravy - Ocean Fish/Chicken.  She is now on Royal Canin S/O renal pouches, beef flavour and also has a spinking of the Royal Canin renal biscuits as a treat (loves both and even purrs when eating). 
      I know canines are deep rooted and would therefore probably take even longer to fully heal than double rooted teeth.  Would imagine that if he did get some biscuits and they pressed the gum before it's fully healed it could cause some pain and/or bruising of tender healing gums.  Would explain the buprenex helping.  Could you prevent him getting any biscuiits for a few days to see if that helps along with giving a little additional pain relief?  Might also be an idea to check with his vet what the usual time is for gums where canines have been extracted from to heal (although appreciate you may have already done this).
      Bottom line is this is a big operation for any kitty and especially a senior kitty.  Oreo has done so very well, not least because of the excellent care he has had from both you and his vet. 
      I hope this helps and please do keep us updated as to how Oreo is doing.
      Best wishes and purrs,
      June, Freddie and Disy and Angels Felix, Smudge and Fleur

      From: Susan <jknsk2002@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, 25 November 2012, 0:35
      Subject: [FH] Oreo/ update/ thinking mouth is hurting ??


      So, today, he had a hard time eating, he DID eat, but was splattering food from his mouth ( we are still blending it) like he was before and after surgery, but for about a week, he was eating well, last week.
      Then the bath tub incident happened yesterday and now today, he looked much better, but looked in a bit of pain. I gave him a very small amount (.10ml) of the buprenex and that helped, but I suspect Mirtazapine is in his future since he's not eating that great,(the vet said to watch him & give mirtazapine to keep him eating) but it really doesn't resemble nausea, just sore ? he doesn't look swollen in the gums when I look ? I just remember when I've had a couple teeth pulled, it does take a while. Am I rushing things? I keep forgetting he IS 16 and it might take longer ?

      Is there anyone out there that can give me some facts about the time after a big dental like he had ( 5 teeth removed, incl 2 canines), and maybe he might have been eating some dry food and bit it wrong, thus the current pain ?

      How long does it take to recover after this kind of surgery ?

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