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46442Re: [FH] Cat with severe HCM and Asthma in CHF

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  • Laurie Stead
    Nov 23, 2012
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      I included the heart group on your message as I don't want to miss any valuable input to help your kitty.

      I have not heard of a kitty suffering heart failure (lungs filled with fluid) that was not hospitalized but perhaps they think the fluid is under control with the lasix?  So he is receiving lasix, benazepril and aspirin? 

      Make sure when you are counting his breaths he is at rest... sleeping but not dreaming... each inward breath is a count of one... count over 15 seconds and multiply that # by 4. That gives you his resting resp rate (RRR).  By doing it this way are you getting 40+?

      The seizure you describe is nothing I have seen from the heart so I am hoping others in the group can help.


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      Subject: Re: [FH] Cat with severe HCM and Asthma in CHF
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      Date: Thursday, November 22, 2012, 11:20 PM

      His breathing is definitely over 40 per min. My vet nor the cardiologist recommended oxygen and hospitalization... He has not started open mouth breathing but I can tell his breathing is rapid. The cardiologist pretty much just said he is at the point of no return and to just keep going with the prescribed medication.

      This whole thing started when he had the seizure. He ran fast towards the wall and fell over and then waddled under the coffee table and fell over again and started to paddle his feet. I immediately rushed him to the vet. For the next few days after that he would have minor episodes where he would become very stiff and slowly lift paw up to his face. Then the day before yesterday he had a very terrible grand mal seizure where he was convulsing, chasing his tail, and swirling his head like he was dizzy. The cardiologist said he may
      have a clot in his brain. We started him on baby aspirin 2x per week as prescribed. We gave him one yesterday and haven't witnessed a seizure since the bad one (knock on wood) I just don't know what to do. We ate literally in the poor house from all the vet bills but I will do anything that might help him survive longer. Should he be day hospitalized with oxygen?

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