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  • kpolone@aol.com
    Nov 18, 2012
      Hi Joanne and Marianna,

      I am combining my response to both emails.

      Nike is on lasix. I do not add any extra water to his food. Nike gets exclusively Nature's Variety Instinct canned. Some have complained about all of the liquid in the can but that works for me since I pour it on his food. Nike had issues with Struvite Crystals and has been crystal free since I started doing this. I think he gets enough liquid based on adding the extra liquid to his meals and since he does not eat any dry food.

      Nike does not have HCM. I can re-post all of his issues if needed. They are extensive. The cardiologist even said to me that he has not seen many hearts like Nike's.

      His BUN was slightly high and this Creatinine was normal. I don't know all of the figures because the cardiologist office did not give them to me. I am calling my vet's office on Monday to get them. I am giving Nike 1./2 a pill of enalpril 1x a day. He was supposed to be getting 1 pill 1x a day but as I wrote before I was not doing that. I really like the idea of split the 1/2 a pill to 1/4 2x daily. I am going to ask my vet what see thinks. At this point I am not too happy with the cardiologist office. What you wrote really made sense to me.


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      Enalapril can adversely affect the kidneys-too much to explain here-and you'd have to check Drug.com or Wikipedia for full explanations-it's about blood flow.

      My cat gets one whole pill a day but gets 1/2 in the a.m. and 1/2 at dinner 12 hrs apart. That's what you should have been doing, what they should have told you to do. If you are giving half, are you giving 1/4 a.m. and a 1/4 p.m. or at once? Perhaps you should do a.m. and p.m. so that the kidneys are not taxed at once.

      Enalapril is a complex drug, working to maintain BP now and to prevent issues. The enalapril keeps blood veins opened and helps prevent constriction if the cat has an attack or an issue of loss of blood pressure. By doing so,it also keeps BP down which means the heart isn't working so hard.

      You should recheck values but there should be changes made such as dosing the med in the a.m. and the p.m. And try giving more water. The kidneys need it. Put water in the wet food or give by mouth with a syringe or eye dropper. Then, after six weeks of changes you've made and you retest the blood, you'll know if what you've done has affected the BUN level or not or if something else needs to be done to protect the kidneys and prevent renal disease. The BUN isn't horribly elevated but shouldn't keep climbing. And it also matters if the creatinine was normal or not. If both were elevated then there may be a problem. If the BUN is off, it may not be an issue. But do what you can to make changes at home now. One of my other cats has an elevated BUN and while we'll keep an eye and retest in a few weeks, neither of his vets are concerned. He has hypercalcemia so goes to a specialist from time to time.

      Managing the cat's HCM is a necessity and yes, an expensive one but only you know what your budget can allow. So, if you can't get tests every two weeks or so after each change, that's understandable. Vets know what they learn in school and stick to the old knowledge that's not always practical, real world experience.

      Good luck!

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