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46399Re: [FH] Re: question re amoxicilin and heart disease/ re newly diagnosed cat

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  • Ruth C
    Nov 18, 2012
      Following on from my questions about my cat..
      can anyone tell me is there a definate problem with steroid/ or
      dexamethasone injections and cats with heart problems?
      does it depend on the type of heart problem?
      im very worried as we were going to probably try her on a steroid next few
      weeks if her gut probs wont stabalise, but now they foudn the heart prob
      (just heard the gallop rythm on her) i am worried now abotu the drugs they
      use on her for her ibd. and steroids were next. but read somewhere now that
      steroid can bring on heart failure in a cat?! does anyone know if this is
      true? or what the issues are?

      On 18 November 2012 12:12, <Elfinmyst@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Hi Ruth,
      > If your own vets do an ultrsound that's great. Just be careful they have a
      > qualified cardiologist to do it, as they can read the scans better. I`m not
      > sure why they didn't recommend and echo, it's possible they didn't really
      > know they were available, it's quite a recent development but they're
      > country wide now and it tells you on the same day exactly what's wrong and
      > what treatment is needed.
      > sorry large font, not sure how that happens...
      > :) Lyn

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