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46389Re: [FH] question re amoxicilin and heart disease/ re newly diagnosed cat

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  • Laurie Stead
    Nov 17 7:06 AM
      Hi Ruth,

      Your vet making it sound like there is nothing to do for heart disease is the #1 reason you would see a cardiologist!  A new vet is probably in order too, but one step at a time.  An ultrasound will be done by the cardiologist to confirm and determine the type of heart disease. Once this is known the proper medications will be prescribed.

      So many cats are not diagnosed until they are fighting for their life suffering heart failure.  You have an opportunity to starts meds now, if in fact heart disease is confirmed.  Please don't wait.

      When you say the blood tests were fine, did you get a copy?  If so please include them for the group to review along with the ranges given (each lab differs). The wobbly walking could be from low potassium, so double-check that value on the blood work.

      One last thought just to throw out there.... how was the IBD confirmed?  My Boo had horrible diarrhea for the longest time (prior to the heart disease diagnosis) and we found her B-12 level was almost non-existent.  With B-12 injections over the course of several months we were able to get her B-12 back to normal and it has stayed there without any further supplement.  Most importantly, her diarrhea has been long gone.  It is a separate blood test so figured I'd mention it.  May be worth having done to rule that cause out.

      Laurie and Boo

      --- On Sat, 11/17/12, Ruth C <ruthc.1000@...> wrote:

      From: Ruth C <ruthc.1000@...>
      Subject: [FH] question re amoxicilin and heart disease/ re newly diagnosed cat
      To: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Saturday, November 17, 2012, 6:26 AM


      Hi Rose

      no, she was not seen by any specialist.

      she has been ill this week, they think with a urinary tract infection plus

      her colitis worse, we cant settle her tummy lately. she was given

      antibiotic injection for this, as usual, and the next day she had a funny

      turn. looked like in pain or eyes looked funny, was shaking/trembling and

      looked out of it, then she tried to walk but was wobbly and didnt get far,

      adn then she just lay down very still for ages not moving and not

      responding. so the vet came and took her for blood tests, the tests were

      fine but when they listened to her heart they said there is a sound that

      wasnt there before, 3 vets have heard it. adn that this means somthing is

      wrong. the first vet called it a murmur. but when her own vet spoke to me

      and heard it she said it is a gallup sound and that this means that

      somthign is definately wrong. (to do with the valves not closing right time

      or somthing?) as i know a murmur can be innocent but this sound was new to

      the vets with my cat so they say somthign changed with her heart.

      i am very worried.

      the vet was not intending to do more tests i dotn think. and made it sound

      like nothing they can do for heart disease much. she said they dont tend to

      do very well. i am in the UK. i never heard of cats seeing a cardiologist

      specialist . did not know there was that for cats.

      she looks reasonably ok since, at the moment.


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