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46385Nike - Blood Tests

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  • Kevin O'Lone
    Nov 16 3:21 PM
      I am a little upset with the cardiologist explanation of the blood tests. They explained his BUN was a little elevated. I had to ask what is was because they would haven't told me otherwise. It was 37. I know normal is 14 to 34. I forgot to ask what it was originally. I was told to cut his enalapril from a whole pill to 1/2. I told them that I never gave him a whole pill. I misread the instructions. That was my fault. Then I was told they would have to call me back. When they called back I was told they want a retest in 6 weeks.

      We didn't make any changes. The purpose of the retest was not explained.

      In six weeks they will end up changing something and I will have to do another blood tests two weeks after that.

      They aren't happy that I will not follow their recommendations 100%. I know it is my own risk not to do so. I feel like Nike is just a cash cow.

      Do others feel that dealing with heart issues is as frustrating as I do?

      Nike would have been dead years ago if I did exactly what the vets wanted.


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