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46383question re amoxicilin and heart disease/ re newly diagnosed cat

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  • Ruth C
    Nov 16 11:51 AM
      Ive only just been told my cat has a heart problem, they heard a sound on
      her heart via stethascope that wasnt there before, they said it was a
      gallup (another vet said murmur) and that she might be gettin heart disease.
      she had a funny turn yesterday is 14 and a half and already poorly with
      inflammatory bowel disease.
      im very worried.
      she has regular amoxicillin injections for her IBD. but now i read on the
      internet some places it is contraindicated in cats with heart disease. i am
      now very worried.
      does anyone know if it is ok to use in cats with heart disease? or if not
      why not?
      Sorry for long post.

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