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45978Re: [FH] counting beats per 15 seconds, i am only getting 15~18, that would

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  • Carol
    Oct 2, 2012
      Yes, I thought that was what you meant.

      So to clarify for everyone... when you're counting BREATHS per minute, which is the respiration, that should be from about 16 to about 28 or 32 BREATHS per minute (4 to 7 or 8 BREATHS in 15 seconds).

      When you're counting HEART BEATS, which is the heart rate, that should be from about 120 to 140 BEATS per minute (30 to 35 BEATS in 15 seconds).

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      From: Westgold <westgold@...>

      Oh, I am so sorry if I confused everybody -- I thought she was talking about BREATHS per minute. I read her post wrong, so sorry.

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