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45945Happy Birthday Tigger !!!!

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  • Westgold
    Oct 1, 2012
      I just wanted to share the great news, my little heart kitty Tigger Too is
      happily celebrating his Seventh birthday today!

      He had a 3-4 murmur when I bought him, and was diagnosed with HCM at 6
      months. He's been on atenolol since the beginning, and he is just fine.
      You can't even tell he's sick.

      HCM is not necessarily a death sentence --- we have many kitties on this
      list who have lived a lot longer than 7. With the right meds and care of a
      good cardiologist, many can live a perfectly normal lifespan.

      So just love them, do the best you can -- oh, and love them some more.

      Happy Birthday to my special baby boy!

      Michelle, Susie Q & Tigger Too in Toronto
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