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45863Re: Bailey's last cardiology visit - sorry for long post.

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  • breathes4tabs
    Sep 14, 2012
      Hi Kimberly & Bailey:

      I don't have any experience with the med that you are asking about but as another member replied perhaps some one in the group that does will read this. You can also do a topic search within this group and you might get some archived hits/ topic discussions regarding Fragmin.

      It sounds like you are thinking ahead & planing so that will help Bailey.

      I am relatively new here myself but you can read my little Tabitha's story in recent posts.
      Here is what I have learned so far with everything that both Tabitha & I have been through for 5 weeks of an emotional roller coaster ride:
      We cannot predict the future & neither can any vet in this world. They can only offer us their medical opinion. But cats they don't listen & for the most part it's on their terms :)
      I do know that when I was down & very sad with the sudden surprise of the bad news/ diagnosis I received about Tabitha's HCM & numerous bouts with CHF I felt very lost & shocked just thinking of my life without Tabitha. I know now that during these dark moments Tabitha absolutely no doubt about it picked up on my blocked energy & she emulated my dark moments. She struggled because I struggled & it seemed as if though her medications were not taking effect or working.

      I was obsessed with taking a detailed log about her breathing & how many counts per minute. I made a spreadsheet & charted her breaths to ensure I could take action. & take her to ER when fluid would build up in her lungs.

      I didn't want to leave her unattended either.

      When I made the decision to accept the reality of Tabitha's condition. & I took inventory of all that I could humanly do for her and have been doing & faced hers, my own & my loved ones mortality... I remembered that we all have a finite time on this earth. All we can do is love our bevolved pets & enjoy every single day with them & give them the best care that we can. By the way..coincidence or not, after I let go of all of my bad energy and accepted her disease, Tabitha got better & we were able to stabilize her & found the right amount & frequency of lasix.

      You said it yourself, Bailey does not know he is sick. Keep loving him & caring for him as you have been doing. Pray for you pray for him. Have faith & enjoy him every day.

      Sending positive energy, happy thoughts & prayers your way to you & Bailey.

      Yvette & Tabitha

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "ishkarah" <irescuerotts@...> wrote:
      > I could use some advice and prayers. The light of my life, my Tonkinese cat, Bailey has had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy since he was 5. Last may his one side thickened more but they estimated 2 years left. We went back this past Monday for his re-check and he has developed an area of clotting. We have been on Plavix for 2 years but now I am giving him injections of a low molecular weight Heprin called Fragmin 2500 IU and he gets .03 ml per day. We were given 3 months to 1 year - 1 year being an optimistic thought.
      > I cannot breathe. I knew that one day he would go but I am devasted. I am afraid to run to the grocery store. He had lost weight but has since gained some of it back. I have been giving him off limit food (fancy feast) along with an appetite stimulator and now he is back to eating. My other cat Onyx, a domestic short hair - no relation, passed suddenly at the end of July and since that Bailey had been eating less so I don't believe it is related.
      > We did an abdominal ultrasound (since I am over 2 hours away from the cardiologist and I didn't want to subject him to another 4 hour round trip after bloodwork came back and all is normal. His blood and urine came back and again all is perfect.
      > He doesn't act sick. He still wants to play and is still as sweet as ever. I asked for some meds incase he throws a clot that can reduce pain and received 3 doses. I am setting him up next week locally at a new vet that is attached to a 24-hour emergency clinic in the event he needs something we can have specialty care in same location. His other local vet cannot offer that and 2 hours to the cardiologist clinic is too far for a 911 drive.
      > Has anyone else used Fragmin (it is very VERY expensive) and have anyone else had any experience with this? I look at him and cry. He doesn't know he is sick and I try not to stress him as he is soooo very connected to me and my emotions.
      > While his thickening has progressed over the last 2 years this is really the first time I have received such a prognosis and have to face his mortality and my going on alone.
      > Kimberly and the king of my heart - Bailey
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