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  • joanne marbut
    Sep 1, 2012
      If the cat does well on lasix three times a day then that is what is needed and the cat's dose shouldn't be cut back.  CHF is brought on by the HCM.  I think more maintenance and management needs to be done-the environment where the cat lives, the heart rate, and the body's fluid level.  The heart's walls are too thick to take in all the body's fluids during the circulation process so the fluid backs up into the lungs.  You have to decrease the fluid with lasix and spironolactone.  You have to quiet the heart with atenolol which lowers the heart's rate so that the heart isn't overworked, while using enalapril to keep the blood veins from being constricted and thereby lowering blood pressure and the amount of work the heart needs to do.  Plavix will also thin the blood, decreasing the amount the heart needs to pump and keeping clots from forming.  She'll need a good vitamin and I'd suggest a paste.  And you could try COQ10 which will improve the
      heart's ability to function.  Where does she live-only inside or always out? She should be only in.  Is it cool, not too cold, warm, not too hot. What is the stress level for her, and how is the noise-is she in a quiet room, is the house quiet, is the outside noise stressing her?  You shouldn't right now let her play or encourage her to play hard.  And don't let kids or dogs or people play with her or upset her. She needs rest and quiet.  Once the CHF stops coming back so easily, you still must continue with her meds and continue the lasix three times and manage the environment.  This will be needed for the remainder of her life. She will continue to need vet and cardio checkups and blood draws on a regular basis.  If she does well, then she might see the cardiologist 3 or 4 times a year and the regular vet-aside from the annual checkup and shots-3 or 4 times a year and blood work as needed.  My cat is on lasix three times a day-1/4 tab in a.m.
      and p.m. and 1/16 at lunch; 1/4 Plavix once a day; 1/2 enalapril twice a day; 1/4 spironolactone twice a day; 1/4 atenolol once a day; COQ10 three times a day (well mixed into her wet food and she's fed three times a day), and vitamin paste once a day, 1/4 potassium once a day, and for the last month-one 81 mg baby aspirin twice a week.  She's been incident free a year and a month. She sees the cardiologist every 3 months and the vet as needed and the vet tech for blood draws as needed.  Good luck!

      From: Laurie Stead <kittykatwhiskas@...>
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      Sent: Saturday, September 1, 2012 7:33 AM
      Subject: Re: [FH] Update on Tabitha & have questions for the group

      Hi Yvette,

      I am sorry Tabitha is having trouble.  My kitty Boo was diagnosed in Nov 2011 while suffering CHF and was put on the same exact meds as Tabitha.  I was fortunate her breathing has not been troublesome since.  It sure sounds like the Lasix dose is off, for her to be having such issues.  Boo takes it in pill form so I am not sure if her dose is comparable to Tabitha's dose.

      Please keep us posted on Tabitha and we will say some prayers for her.  No one wants to be in and out of the hospital, especially our heart kitties.  Reducing stress is key... so I am not sure redoing blood every 5-7days is necessary??

      Wish I had better information for you but it sounds like you are doing
      everything possible to get her system to respond.  I am also glad you
      have a cardiologist for her.

      Laurie and Boo

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      From: breathes4tabs <breathes4tabs@...>
      Subject: [FH] Update on Tabitha & have questions for the group
      To: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Thursday, August 30, 2012, 10:27 PM


      Hi all:

      My story I recently posted about my 4 yrs old cat named Tabitha who went to the ER exactly a month ago today in heart failure. She pulled through as you may recall but was diagnosed with HCM & CFH of which we have been trying to resolve. Last week she began experiencing increased breathing ranging from 35-40 per minute so I took her to the ER with fluid in her lungs. At that point we were finally able to confirm that the residual fluid that remained in her lungs from 7/30/12 had finally completely subsided showed X-rays & an ultrasound. So CFH resolved!

      Well less than 6 days later (this morning) I had to take Tabitha to the ER again for the same reasons from last week. All while she is on lasix, the cardiologist added Spironolactone, she is pimobendan as well as Plavix & benazepril.

      This is where I need your help & support:

      I don't understand what's happening given that I give Tabitha her medications as directed, last week she was finally clear from lung edema, and today we have a breathing episode that sends her to the ER. There she receives extra dosages of lasix via IV & she's back home like new. Of which of course I am very grateful.

      The cardiologist tells me we continue in tweaking her lasix dosage & I bring her in for check ups every 5-7 days (bloodwork & X-rays). Consistently Tabitha's blood work comes back with normal ranges & is tolerating her meds very well.

      Is the lasix dosage the final missing piece of the puzzle we are trying to solve? My cardiologist says yes.. I guess I am also asking is 1 month of tweaking & not quite there yet common? I know every cat is different but I am trying to gain feedback on the amount of times we need to keep tweaking with the lasix.

      After Tabitha gets released from the hospital that trend has been to increase her lasix slightly, give the lasix to her 3x a day for 2 days then we go back to every 12 hrs (2x a day). As of today we are at 0.55/ml & Tabitha weighs 8 lbs.

      Thank you for reading & providing responses.

      Yvette & Tabitha in Houston TX

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