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45826Re: [FH] Fluid in chest

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  • Westgold
    Aug 27, 2012
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      hi -- they don't have to have a murmur to have cardiomyopathy -- but that's
      usually the cause of fluid buildup. Fluid is very painful, it feels like
      they're drowning. If there's too much fluid, they die. I lost a kitty to
      that in 1995 -- she didn't have a murmur and we didn't have clue. Sudden
      death was the first sign in her case. But now we can test ahead of time, and
      know the exact status of the heart. And a cardiologist is the only one who
      can balance the meds needed -- plese do see one as soon as you can.
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      Hi Michelle

      Sorry about the loss of your Pooh :( I love the name of your other kitty.
      I wish I would have thought of that for one of our other kitties :) One of
      my cats had a straddle thrombosis in 09 and I subsequently had echos done on
      our other cats. Her son furball is on atenenol but our other two - Pooh and
      Pookie did not have any heart problems that need meds although Pooh does
      have a grade 2 heart murmur. I will be asking about Lasix at tomorrow's
      visit. I am in Michigan in the thumb area.


      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "Westgold" <westgold@...> wrote:
      > Hi -- I'ms orry to hear about your little Pooh. My soul-kitty's name was
      > Pooh... Saturday will be 7 years since I lost him to a brain tumor.
      > You need to get your Pooh checked out by a cardiologist. If fluid is
      > building up like this, there is probably heart disease, and the ONLY way
      > to know her status is through an echocardiogram from a cardiologist.
      > Nothing your regular vet can do is good enough. Once you have a
      > diagnosis, the cardiologist can put her on the proper meds. He will give
      > lasix and other meds, they will hopefully prevent the fluid building up in
      > the first place. That is much better than draining it manually. A lot
      > cheaper too.
      > Please tell us where you live, we might be able to recommend a good
      > cardiologist to you --
      > Once you know exactly what is going on with her heart, he will take good
      > care of her, balance her meds, etc.
      > we will do everything we can to help you here too --
      > take care -- Michelle & Tigger Too in Toronto
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