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45824Fluid in chest

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  • itsazooatmyhouse
    Aug 27, 2012
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      Hi All,

      My Pooh was diagnosed with metastatic mammary cancer in June with surgery to remove the mass. She was doing very well up until Thursday when she stopped eating and basically didn't move off the bed. Her breathing was also more labored. At first I thought she might be nauseous or in pain as she would attempt to eat a few bites and then give up. I tried pepcid and tramadol and when that didn't appear to be working I took her to my vet on Sunday. She drained 200cc of fluid in her chest and discovered a tumor. I have a recheck tomorrow and am considering a feeding tube but wondering if I should if the fluid will continue to accumulate at a rapid pace. My vet said she will tap once a week but prefers at least every 2. I would be ok with every two. My vet is over an hour away and the experience stresses Pooh. Once fluid has started to accumulate what can I reasonably expect?

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