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45711Re: [FH] New member: Libby and Sammy

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  • Laurie Stead
    Aug 4, 2012
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      Hi Libby,

      I am sorry about Sammy's dx, but he certainly can have a great quality of life while on the right meds.  My Boo is on lasix, benazepril, plavix and vetmedin.  What dose of lasix does Sammy get?  Sounds like it may not be adequate for the fluid to be building back up while taking lasix.  It's also important to get the Plavix in him.   Since he takes the other pills in treats, is it that the plavix is a larger size pill?  Not sure what dose he is on but maybe you can cut the pill and give it in two treats to help hide it better?

      Get used to what is a normal RRR for Sammy.  This will be able to alert you to when breathing is an issue, before it is an emergency.  For instance if typically it is 30 beats per minute at rest, if you are now counting 36... it is time to watch carefully since over 40 is a clear emergency.

      Boo was given months at best and that was October 2011.  She is doing quite well on her meds and you wouldn't even know she was ill.  So I know it is difficult, but stay positive especially around Sammy... they sense our stress.  This was the best advice I ever received from this group.  I was so scared, watching Boo like a hawk that I was basically stressing her out.  Enjoy your time with Sammy!  A lot of kitties don't make it out of CHF, we were lucky to be given this precious time. 

      Laurie and Boo

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      Subject: [FH] New member: Libby and Sammy
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      Date: Saturday, August 4, 2012, 1:55 PM


      Hi everybody! Here I am on another kitty health board. Just when I start feeling competent about one condition, they throw another one at me.

      I'm here to try to determine if I am doing all I can reasonably do to keep Sammy with me (comfortably) for as long as possible. I feel like his time is coming to an end, and I can't come to grips with basically just stuffing meds into him and waiting for him to die, when he mostly is still acting like he feels fine. Is there something I should be doing that I am not?

      My kitty Sammy was diagnosed with HCM and CHF back in March, when he went in for a dental and had trouble under anesthesia. At that time, my vet sent me to the ER vet because she knew the cardiologist (board certified) was there that day. Long story short, they did all the diagnostics and didn't really expect him to make it through the night, but he only ended up being hospitalized for one night before coming home. The outlook was still grim and they told me not to expect a whole lot of time, could be a day, could be a year. I'm sure you have all heard that.

      He came home on Lasix, enalapril, and Plavix. He has gotten the Plavix only sporadically because he HATES it and I guess my pilling technique doesn't do the job. The other meds he will take in treats. After about a month he was totally acting like himself. He's a youngish cat, maybe 7-8 years old, so that includes cuddling, talking, playing, chasing his brother. He seems to pace himself fairly well. His play sessions are shorter than they used to be, and he gets winded fairly easily, but he recovers quickly.

      Last Saturday I took him to the vet because I had noticed his breathing getting more noisy. He has also been sneezing so I hoped maybe he just had a URI rather than something heart related. My vet listened to his heart and became very alarmed at his heart rhythm. She sent me back to ER because she wanted them to do an ECG and consult with the cardiologist. So, again, I heard that his arhythmia could be immediately life threatening and his BP was very high. They dosed him up on Lasix and I chose to bring him home. We added Diltiazem to his meds and I have been diligent about getting all the meds in this week.

      So it has been another week and he is moving slower than usual, but his personality is still completely intact. He is alert, interested, everything indicating that he feels fine. His breathing is still noisy and it takes him longer to recover when he gets winded. He has to take a break even after coming up the stairs. When he is rested his heart rate is still around 30. Today he seems to be getting winded even more quickly and I am concerned but not panicky, if that makes sense.

      If he starts seeming distressed then obviously I will rush to the vet. He gets so extremely stressed in the car and at the vet that right now I'm thinking that I don't want to take him back until he is under distress (and then it will probably be to let him go, and that even if he wasn't ready that the car ride might push him over the edge). I don't feel like he is anywhere near ready to go, but I know his body will eventually make that decision against my will or Sammy's.

      Wow, that was long! I know that Lasix, Plavix, and Enalapril are fairly standard and I know I am lucky that a board certified cardiologist has been working with us. I know I can't make this all go away but I also don't want to miss anything obvious. It's so much easier to deal with sickness when the cat LOOKS sick. Thanks for listing.


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