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45699Re: looking for general info for a friend

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  • elise eisfelder
    Aug 1, 2012
      Thank you, Carol for your reply. Max had an US done by a Board Certified Radiologist back in 2002 as he had a heart murmur. His heart was normal and the murmur insignificant. My vet is a Board Certified Internist and he doesn't think anything as changed since then. Max is now almost 15 and may have primary high blood pressure. I asked if it could be heart related and my vet said no. He doesn't feel it's CRF based upon slightly elevated BUN but no change in creatinine (1.4) and his free T4 was good so he isn't hyper-t. So he's on amlodipine and since it started his appetite has tanked. I lowered the dose from 1/4 and 1/5 and all was well until yesterday. Now I don't know if he's have a pancreatitis attack or what's going on. I was just wondering if it's necessary to do another US if the murmur hasn't changed according to my vet.


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