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45680Re: [FH] looking for general info for a friend

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  • Laurie Stead
    Aug 1, 2012
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      Having a cat with undetected heart disease that resulted in her going into CHF, of course I say run to the echo.  BUT that being said, on a more rational level ;-), I completely agree with Michelle.  Go to another vet, don't even tell that vet what was told to you. Let it be a fresh look at the cat and see what if anything they agree on. 

      There are stages of dental needs.... did this vet say what stage the teeth were in?  How old is the cat?

      Also, this is a question for the group really.... there is a new blood test out there that can detect presence of heart disease... is this available?  Of course it does not replace the ultrasound, but for an instance like this where finances are tough...... does it make sense to ask for it? 

      Keep us posted!
      Laurie and Boo

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      Hello -- the ONLY way to tell if a cat has heart disease is through an echo cardiogram and EKG with a real cardiologist. Xrays might show a large heart, but they won't tell you what is wrong. No surgery should be done until the heart is checked. If this kitty has a heart irregularity, she does need an echo to see if he has heart disease. But a fast heart rate doesn't mean that much, many cats simply freak out because they're at the vet's.

      I do not like this vet at all. How dare she say that the cat will die without a dental!!!! I would get another opinion from an older vet, someone who has listened to a LOT more hearts. If he suggests an echo, then you have to decide. If there is heart disease, then meds can be started right away and will hopefully allow this kitty to live a long happy life. If she really can't afford one, she should ask her new vet about Care Credit or other ways she can work out a payment plan. Not testing is the other option -- and then you never know what will happen. She might not have any heart disease, but if there is heart disease, often the first symptom of HCM is sudden death. That's what happened to one of my kitties.

      I doubt that this cat has dental problems if she's young. Some vets try to do dentals on all cats, if they need it or not, for the money. If a cat bas a bad tooth and is in pain, you can usually tell. They stop eating and are always rubbing their mouth or gums with their paws, etc.

      I do not like this vet you guys saw at all -- see an older vet asap.

      take care -- Michelle & Tigger Too in Toronto

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