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    Jul 4, 2012
      Carol, Im so sorry about the loss of your sweet Mellie, You Couldnt have given
      her a more loving and beautiful life - she was celebrated every moment - every
      special occasion - given all the love and so much more that you had to give her.
      Im so sad - yet so inspired at your ability to love and celebrate your sweet
      little girls life, Thank you for your inspiration.
      Maureen and Angel Yuki.

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      Dear Carol...I am so sorry for  your loss of Mellie...I know how very hard it is
      to accept and what a huge hole it leaves in your heart and your life.  I hope
      that you can feel all the love the group is sending you...please post Mellie's
      photo for us?  take care, and big hugs...you just have to put one foot in front
      of the other and eventually it will be a little easier...Judi and Angel Max

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            We lost our most beloved Mellie yesterday as we gave her that final gift. 
      Cannot begin to tell you the pain of such a broken and empty heart.  If it had
      not been for this group back in 2008 she wouldn't have been with us so long. 
      What a trooper she was!  rarely complained about all her meds and was a
      wonderful pill taker (thank goodness for empty gelcaps).  So, thank you everyone
      for all your help which allowed us those extra years to love her.





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