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45460Re: update on May

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  • r schu
    Jul 1, 2012
      Laurie and Boo,

      E.R. gave us the lasix, vet and cardiologist said take it, but vet said see how she does and hopefully reduce it. So it's a moving target. I'm taking your advice, probably over the vet, right now, and will decide as it goes.

      Tonight 6.25, but there was no time frame on this dose. I'm thinking to hold off on the atenolol til I reduce the lasix dose.

      Thoughts from experience here? Are most people's cats on both? Or atenolol for prevention?

      Thank you.

      -Lee and May

      --- On Sun, 7/1/12, Laurie Stead <kittykatwhiskas@...> wrote:

      Hi Lee,  your message did not go to the group so I am copying them here.

      I would continue with the lasix 2x a day based on May's recent labored breathing. Now that she gets the full prescribed laxix dose, see how she does.  Her breathing is better now that she is getting the lasix, so why would you not give it to her?  I think what the cardiologist prescribed is what you should be giving her.  They are aware of the other issues and still prescribed it, so they must feel it is necessary.

      Laurie and Boo
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