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45453update on May

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  • r schu
    Jul 1, 2012
      For those following May's travails;

      Last night, she finally peed and got out of box back to bedroom while I was sleeping. Respiration has been all over, 220am 38 at first then 36 34 33 32...maybe rises on waking?, or the anxiety she feels when i come near these days to count. Still really doesn't want food but got 3 10ml servings from 2am to 7am then vomited part of the last one. acid? deyhdration?

      She peed 4 times yesterday with not much going in 120ml food and some drinking on her own, zero cc lrs yesterday. Lasix and ranitidine this morning, plus 30cc lrs, then up on the couch and slow breathing, looking like feeling good, sniffing the air, even got a 27 respiration count.
      Took her out for fresh air and she walked around back, in and to down stairs litter box, peed in short order, then just sat there. Half hour later - poop!!!!

      Now sitting on couch breathing nice and slow. I think she needed and needs fluids. So will keep up lasix 6.25 tonight at least, add atenolol to keep heart calm, and do 30cc lrs every 12 hours. All is the plan, we'll see what her body thinks about it.

      All this after a rough night, and weak hind legs...

      Thanks for listening.

      -Lee and May
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