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45283Re: [FH] strange sound?

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  • Carol
    Jun 6, 2012
      hi Lee Ann,

      A T4 that high will make them feel really awful! Is she on thyroid meds? Tapazole/Methimazole? Regardless of what anyone says, hyperthyroid doesn't always make them eat like crazy. Our Misty and her sister, angel Snowball, both hyperT have had terrible appetites when their T4's are up there.

      I would try, if you're not already, some Pepcid AC for stomach acid and/or anti-nausea meds, like Ondansetron. When Misty gets pewey, we do a short coarse of anti-nausea meds and Pepcid to see if it helps. Most of the time it does.

      No appetite could also be pancreatitis. Misty has bouts of that too, and when it's flaring up, she won't eat at all.

      The only way to test for that is a 12 hour fasting fTLI, fPLI, Folate, Cobalamine that the vet send out to the Texas A & M University lab. I know that Idexx now will do that test, but my vet uses the TAMU lab.

      The strange sound, the grunting... Misty does that too, when she's eating and sometimes when she's laying and we try to move her... I think it's a pain thing...with Misty anyway.


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