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4527Re: [feline-heart] Mittens

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  • Bill & Linda Fischbach
    Jan 3, 2002
      Hi Diana,

      Mittens started Atenolol about a month ago, 1/4 every other day. The
      cardiologist was concerned that it might hurt his CRF values, and it has.
      He started on a Monday, and bloodwork on Friday (3 doses) showed a rise in
      CRF numbers from just 2 weeks earlier.

      At first though, he seemed to eat better, but for the past 2 weeks he's been
      fussy, and now doesn't want anything. I've syringe fed him today, but he
      hates that and the stress isn't good for his heart. But he hasn't lost

      Is there something besides Atenolol to slow a rapid heart rate. It was 260
      at the cardiologists, with some HCM, before starting the atenolol. He
      also has high BP, but was a lot better on Norvasc, and that was when his CRF
      numbers improved.

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