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  • Catwoman
    Jan 3, 2002
      Bill & Linda Fischbach wrote:

      > He doesn't want to eat much, either -- good stuff or junk, he still
      > doesn't want it. I made up some soft stuff with Wysongs, peas,
      > baby food meat, and chicken broth and syringe fed him some.
      > I'll increase his binders.
      > I'm really worried about him, even though I know these numbers
      > aren't that bad. The not eating anything is new. The vet will
      > be in touch with the cardiologist; maybe it's the atenolol which is
      > when things started to get worse.

      > Is there anything besides atenolol to lower the heart rate?

      Linda - Muffin stopped eating when we put him on Atenolol also, so
      he's now off it, and *almost* back to 'normal' eating. It took less
      than a week for the atenolol to affect his appetite (and cause rather
      violent vomiting), and rather more than a week for it to wear off
      enough for him to want to eat.

      He still doesn't eat much at one time, but he is hungry regularly.
      (21 pounds! Whew! Muff's down to 8.something!)

      What I've been giving Muff recently is a mix of K/D, Hill's Senior
      (commercial) Beef, some nuked beef fat, and distilled water, blended
      together to form a paste. He will eat a small amount of that mix
      several times a day (when I'm around). 'small amount' - about a
      tablespoon or two at a time. He seems to prefer it cold - or at
      least not warm. He also won't eat it if it's in a cup or bowl - I
      have little flat 'plates' (they're the ones used for putting soy
      sauce in when eating Sushi), and he'll eat out of that, only.

      Oh - he will also eat dry K/D.

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