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45249Re: [FH] How to give nattokinase?

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  • Carol
    May 30, 2012

      When your vet said not to give the aspirin and nattokinase at the same time, did he just mean not to give them together?... because "at the same time" meaning in conjunction with each other, that's what you shouldn't do. Aspirin doesn't dissolve a clot, it just thins the blood to help prevent further clots. The nattokinase, from what I've read, dissolves the clots in addition to thinning the blood, so giving both aspirin and nattokinase concurrently isn't something I would do.

      I was taking care of my friend's cat, Christopher, back in 2007 who threw a clot, lost the use of his back leg. The vet had him on heparin injections for 10 days, then after that aspirin, but we only did the aspirin for a few days before switching to nattokinase. The vets told us not to give any of those things together, not the heparin and aspirin, nor the aspirin and nattokinase, so we did the heparin, then did the aspirin, then did the nattokinase. Then after about two weeks from the day he had his clot, with 10 days on heparin, a couple on aspirin and 3 days on nattokinase, he started getting the use of his leg back again, and within a month he was fully functional with that leg. Everyone has different experiences, I'm sure, but that's what how it went with Christopher.

      Now my angel Snowball threw a clot and didn't survive long enough to even get treated. Twenty minutes after she threw the clot, we lost her, so the fact that your kitty survived is really good! Because now you can take steps to try to eliminate the clot and prevent future ones. I know nothing is a guarantee, but you have a good start! Try to be patient. What you don't want to have happen is to overdose on nattokinase or any of the clot busting/blood thinning meds and supplements, and have them get internal bleeding. More isn't always better in some cases.

      If you gave her one today, then I would stick with one a day, since they're the double strength ones.

      I really hope some of the other members on the group will offer their ideas too, because I know there are some here who give larger doses than we do with Misty.


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      Hi Carol,

      I think it says 2000 FU which means it is 100 mg (from the info on the thread) and I gave my cat one cap today. Her got aspirin (1/4 of a baby one) yesterday and the vet said not to give aspirin and nattokinase at the same time, which is fine. He said he didnt think it could harm giving her nattokinase but that there arent any studies on cats. As i said, I read somewhere that people gave their cat eight 75mg pills to solce the clot and then one every 6 days to prevent. I am all confused now. I want this clot to go away but I dont know enough about this med :( although honestly how much worse than this can it get?

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      Hi Elle,

      I'm answering to the group, so maybe someone else can answer your question too. The brand that we give Misty is Nutricology Nattozyme and they're 1440 FU (36mg each pill), and we give her one twice a day. You can't give it with aspirin or any other blood thinners though. With too many blood thinners, they can cause internal bleeding.

      I don't know how much is too much. I've never given Misty more than two a day.


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