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45248Re: [FH] How to give nattokinase?

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  • Carol
    May 30, 2012
      Hi Elle,

      I'm answering to the group, so maybe someone else can answer your question too. The brand that we give Misty is Nutricology Nattozyme and they're 1440 FU (36mg each pill), and we give her one twice a day. You can't give it with aspirin or any other blood thinners though. With too many blood thinners, they can cause internal bleeding.

      I don't know how much is too much. I've never given Misty more than two a day.


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      Hi there. So my 20 year old cat threw a blood clot yesterday in his hindleg. I
      gacve him a quarter of a baby aspirin based on what my vet said but I found the
      info on nattokinase and bought the Doctors Best brand which has 2000 FU. How
      much do I give him ot resolve the clot? Some people say they have given their
      cats 8 75mg pills a day( spread out) ...and here i read that you only give one
      2000 FU tablet. So what is safe? Can i ho ahead and give him more than one to
      make the clot go away? Thank you.

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