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  • Bill & Linda Fischbach
    Jan 3 7:59 AM
      We took Mittens to the vet for a check up. BP about 160, where it's been
      since we started Norvasc. Heart rate 200, not good, but he was mad -- and
      better than 260 before Atenolol. His weight is constant at 21 pounds.

      Bun 39.9, was 36.7
      Creat 3.3 was 3.4 (high normal 2.4)
      Phos 5.2 was 4.3 (he gets Binders)
      Pot 4.5 was 4.7
      Calcium 13.02 was 11
      HCT 41
      T4 2.3

      He doesn't want to eat much, either -- good stuff or junk, he still doesn't
      want it. I made up some soft stuff with Wysongs, peas, baby food meat, and
      chicken broth and syringe fed him some. I'll increase his binders.

      I'm really worried about him, even though I know these numbers aren't that
      bad. The not eating anything is new. The vet will be in touch with the
      cardiologist; maybe it's the atenolol which is when things started to get
      worse. Is there anything besides atenolol to lower the heart rate?


      Bill & Linda Fischbach (@home)
      King George, Virginia
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