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4522Re: [feline-heart] Differences between atenolol and cardizem?

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  • Garyandana901@cs.com
    Jan 2, 2002
      I'm sure someone has already answered this and I just missed the response,
      but here goes!

      I don't know anything about cardizem, but I personally am on atenolol. My
      doctor picked this over the other blood pressure medications because it also
      lowers my heart rate. I presume it has the same effect in kitties! My
      doctor did warn that it has a "backlash" effect, and if I decide to go off
      it, I need to watch my pressure carefully. He said that, even though my
      pressure was only slightly high, it was likely to shoot through the roof
      immediately after going off it, and then gradually stabilize. After it
      stabilizes, I will be able to tell if I still need the medication. (He did
      preach against me going off it without his supervision but, knowing how
      gung-ho I get sometimes, he was kind enough to explain what to expect and how
      to deal with it.)

      Hope that helps a little bit!!

      Dana & Tigger (and his brother & sisters, who are just here to support him!)

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