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  • Leo Wempu
    May 22, 2012
      I was told (by a few ER vets) too that cats don't deal with heart disease as well as dogs do and they don't respond to medication as well, bla blaa... The cardiologist and the internist were much more helpful and definitely recommended treating. I'd rather believe them, since they actually deal with chronic disease all day every day.

      My kitty had severe heart disease and lived well for nine months after diagnosis (about a year from first symptoms, was misdiagnosed in the very beginning). Someone could say that's only months, I'd say months well worth it :-).

      He was on benazepril, which is a pretty standard heart medication. It lowers the bp somewhat. That would be good for your Chili. I'd still monitor the bp. You don't want it too high, but not too low either. I hope you are treating Chili's hyperthyroidism and monitoring the results? Hyperthyroidism comes with consequences to the heart.

      Henna & Angel Leo

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      When the vet drained the fluids and started him on furosemide, she told me that she had not had not seen much success with Lasix in cats.  She led me to believe that Chili had a couple months, at most.  She also suggested benazepril, which she said reduces pressure in the vessels.  Thinking his time was limited, and knowing how much he dislikes taking medication, I did not start it yet.  But aside from the increased appetite and activity, and now the breathing issue, he still loves to socialize and go outside.  Overall, he seems to be very happy.  Are you familiar with benazepril?

      Thanks again.

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